Company Registration


1. Communicate through phone call/email/whatsapp

2. Payment can be made using our payment options, with an additional fee for courier services.

3. Details for name search can be sent as a text message/email/whatsapp.

4. Documents to be signed, can be sent through email/courier services, client signs and sends back using courier services.

5. Completed company registration documents can be sent using courier services to the owner.

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Importance of formalization

  • To be eligible to open a company bank account
  • To be able to access financial loans and other SMEs service packages from the relevant financial institutions
  • To be able to qualify to apply for any formal Tenders in the Market

Differences between Private limited Company and Private Business Corporation

There are basically 3 differences between a Private limited Company and Private Business Corporation.


Private limited Company

Registered by 2-50 directors

The sky is the limit to the lines of business one can venture


Private Business Corporation

Registered by 1-20 directors

Easy and cheap to start up

Less paper work


Private Business Corporation

Features of a PBC

After registration you will receive;

  • A certificate of registration /incorporation statement shows company physical and postal address, line of business and the details and signature of the Accounting Officer.
  • Also attached will be a document showing the full names of directors, their national identification numbers, their capital contribution, percentage ownership for each director and their signatures

Private Limited Company

Features of a Private Limited Company

After registration you will receive;

  • A certificate of incorporation
  • CR 5(formerly Cr6) – company address
  • CR 6(formerly Cr14) – details of directors
  • Memorandum of Association – objects of the company, distribution of/and share capital
  • Articles of Association – Internal affairs of the company

Company Registration Zimbabwe Prices

Private Limited Company

$ 120
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association


$ 80
  • Certificate of incorporation

Resubmission of company names

$ 10

Correction on Registered Documents

$ 50